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Learn Noorani Qaida


Anyone who wants to learn how to read Quran has to first learn Noorani Qaida, especially kids.
Noorani Qaida contains all the basic essential Arabic alphabets used throughout the Quran.
Pronouncing the Arabic alphabets and learning how to connect them with one another is the
purpose of a Noorani Qaida. When kids learn to read Noorani Qaida, reading Quran becomes
About the Course
To teach Noorani Qaida, we follow the two widely used curriculums: Noorul Bayan and Rehmani
Qaida for tajweed beginners. These two curriculums are the most effective in teaching how to
read Quran to kids and adults.
At Fahmul Quran Academy, our Noorani Qaida tutors cover the following topics to ensure your
kids learn how to read Quran following the proper rules:
● Consonants
● Letters, joints, compounds
● Harakat (short vowels)
● Huroof Maddah (long vowels)
● Huroof Leenah (soft vowels)
● Tanween
● Noon Sakinah and Tanween
● Rules of Raa
● Leen letter
● Rules of Laam
● Noon Qutni
● Sakoon and Jazm
● Arabic letters with correct Makharij
● Waqf (proper pausing and stopping)

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