Fahmul Quran Academy

Learn Quran with tajweed

The word Tajweed comes from the Arabic language, which means the proper pronunciation of
words during Quran recitation while reciting at a moderate speed. Tajweed encompasses a set
of rules describing how the Quran should be read.
About the Course

Learning Quran with Tajweed is perhaps the most profound thing for any Muslim. Being able to
feel every word of the Holy Quran and pronounce it correctly is what we all should be striving
Tajweed plays a vital role in reciting the Holy Quran like the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) did.
People from different countries and regions have different languages and accents, and learning
the Quran with Tajweed helps them recite it correctly.
Whether you’re an adult or a kid, Fahmul Quran Academy can help you learn to recite Quran
the right way. Some of the concepts you will learn in this course are:
● Joining Laam, Meem
● Early evening Sakin
● Capability of pronouncing the letter correctly along with their ascribes (sifat)
● The Mudood Rules (extending)

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